Music and sports ment everything to me as a teenager. After entering ‘film business’ with some shorts in 2004, I was able to film several TV-reports in form of a Video Diary on the ship ‘Cap Anamur’, named after the famous NGO. I then started my studies at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, filming more shorts and first feature length movies that earned me a ‘Golden Tadpol’ nomination at Cameraimage in Lodz as well as the Kodak Camera Award. In 2013 first assignments as Director of Photography for commercials and feature films followed graduating from filmschool. I was also trusted with the artistic directing of the opening ceremony of the ARS Electronica in Linz. 2014, on my own initiative I produced and filmed with colleges a documentary about the EU’s border problems. For the feature film ‘The Hannas’ I composed and recorded parts of the filmscore. A lot of the films earned numerous awards and nominations in international film festivals. Recently I was nominated for German Camera Award.